Application Migration: 3-Day Assessment

Chef Software, Inc

Chef consultants will attend your site and assess how to use Chef Habitat to migrate a legacy app from an older platform (such as Windows Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2008 R2) into Azure.

3-Day Application Migration Architecture Design Session

Do you have applications that are holding back your migrations to Azure?

Customers can experience the benefits of Azure by modernizing their legacy applications and migrating them into Azure.

Chef Habitat allows customers an easy way to migrate and modernize their applications without rewriting the whole application. Habitat moves applications by packaging them and thereby allowing for only parts of the application to be modernized vs modernizing the whole application. Habitat supports both COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) and custom applications which might have been written in Java, .NET or other languages. Furthermore, Habitat supports a variety of form factors including bare metal, VMs and containers. Habitat supports container services in Azure including Azure Container Registry and Azure Kubernetes Service. Learn more on by reading about these capabilities here and watching this recorded webinar.

3-Day Application Migration Architecture Design Session

During this 3-day engagement, Chef engineers will attend the customer site to assess one legacy app, understand the dependencies and create the rules required for this app to be modernized and migrated into Azure using Habitat. At the end of the engagement, the project team will be able to demonstrate how to perform such app modernization exercises at scale.

This proven approach has the ability to decompose legacy applications, deploy the final artifacts on Azure either in VMs or in containers, and modernize parts of the application (e.g. using Azure SQL Database instead of SQL Server).