Road to the Cloud [Phases 1+2]


Road to the Cloud brings together the best practices and practices needed to implement the cloud in your organization.

The service consists of three modules, and each of them involves a series of specialized workshops conducted with the client and documentation supporting the path to the implementation of the Azure cloud.
The result of these meetings is a set of documents containing indications and answers to individual points adopted in the CAF methodology.
These materials are the basis for determining the strategy and standards for entering the cloud and the final implementation.

[Why to follow Road to the Cloud path?]
Taking the first steps in the cloud is an exciting stage for the company, but we must remember that the entire organization should be thoroughly prepared for it.
Thanks to the standards recommended by Microsoft Azure in the form of CAF, the organization is sure that it will start this stage in a safe and proven way.

PHASE 1: Improving competencies
COST: 31 500 PLN net / 7500 $ net TYPE: Workshops + Materials TIME: 6 workshops x 6h

  1. Overview of the portfolio of cloud services
    Get to know the range of services available on the Microsoft Azure platform.
  • Differences between Iaas, PaaS, Saas
  • Responsibility model
  • Microsoft Azure Service Portfolio
  • Application categories with examples
  • Cost optimization
  • Interesting facts
  1. Hierarchical structure model
    Proper creation of the hierarchy facilitates effective management of the environment.
  • Microsoft Azure environment hierarchy
  • Management groups
  • Subscriptions
  • Resource groups
  • Sample structures according to a given organization scenario
  1. Security aspects
    Security and public cloud networking is one of the key aspects
    *Introduction to the web
  • Use of network services
  • Network services and their use
  • Security models
  • Critical principles for Cloud Security Architecture
  1. Cost management
    Many factors in the cloud can cause a significant increase in costs. Let's learn to control it.
  • Cost management
  • Cost optimization tools
  • Cost optimization and tips
  1. Management of permissions and roles
    Build your approach to identity management based on available roles and permissions.
  • Identity management
  • Roles in Microsoft Azure
  • Azure Active Directory
  • RBAC - Role-Based Access Control
  1. Operational monitoring
    The Microsoft Azure platform has a broad spectrum of built-in monitoring tools and services.
  • Environment monitoring concepts
  • Monitoring services
  • Alerts
  • Correcting

PHASE 2: Developing a strategy
COST: 355 600 PLN net / 84667 $ net TYPE: Workshops + Assessment + Documents TIME: 5 – 12 months (depends on the organization)

STAGE 0: Development of a public cloud adoption strategy
In the “zero” phase, we start developing strategic directions for the adoption of cloud services and the cloud model as part of a series of workshops

STAGE 1: Developing principles for building solutions and migrating to the cloud
In the first stage, we assume the development of general principles for building the migration of solutions to the cloud, considering Microsoft Azure environments.

STAGE 2: Development of a set of operational documents
In the second stage, based on the principles developed in the first stage, we will create a group of operational documents for a specific and limited set of cloud services defined during the project.

STAGE 3: Transformation of the IT team, including the Cloud Competence Center
In the third stage, we will develop a set of documents gathering guidelines for the transformation of the IT team.