Azure Virtual Desktop: 1 week Proof-of-Concept

Choice Solutions,L.L.C

The Azure Virtual Desktop Proof of Concept Jump Start is a versatile offering that utilizes Azure to enable companies to examine the role of virtual desktops to align with business objectives.

The Choice Solutions Jump Start for Azure Virtual Desktop is a versatile offering that utilizes the power of Azure to enable your company to examine the role of Azure Virtual Desktop and how it aligns with business objectives. This is a one-week Proof of Concept to determine where and how the solution fits as the first step on the virtualization journey. Within the POC timeframe, we will work to develop the criteria for a successful Azure Virtual Desktop POC on Azure and implement an environment for testing and validation of the solution.

Our Azure Virtual Desktop Jump Start includes a design thinking workshop to review: • Solution design overview – creating the building blocks for success • Overview of WVD components including Azure environment, virtual networks, Azure AD Domain Services, storage, VM update management, etc. • Overview of the provisioning process • Overview of solution scaling (Bursting to more desktops or applications) • Understanding or defining user personas to align to desktop and applications requirements • Process for Azure cost management and reporting • Explore support requirements • Discuss sizing in Azure and the importance of right-sizing – breadth first or depth first scaling • Overview of optional value add services • Moving to next steps beyond POC – recommendations and open discussion

Azure Virtual Desktop Jump Start Deployment: • Stand up a self-contained Azure environment or utilize existing Azure environment (virtual network, Azure AD Domain Services or AD in Azure, storage, VM update management, inventory) in a single region • Publish/configure 1 WVD host pool – Windows 10 multi-session – pooled desktop and up to 2 RemoteApp applications including 1 customer provided/installed application • Configure the Choice Solutions Optimized Office 365 WVD Experience

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