Azure AD Conditional Access: 10-Day Implementation


Ensure an optimal design and implementation of Azure AD Conditional Access and MFA in line with best practices to enhance your identity and access security.

Strong identity and access management is a key first step in adopting a modern Zero Trust security framework that is needed to protect your organisation against modern threats. As a result, many organisations are adopting Azure AD to provide robust identity and access management controls, such as MFA, SSO and Conditional Access. By implementing a strong Conditional Access strategy, organisations can manage risk and balance advanced security measures whilst ensuring a good user experience that does not hinder staffs access to their data and apps.

We help organisations to design and implement a robust Conditional Access strategy in line with Microsoft best practices. Whether you are migrating to Azure AD or reviewing an existing Conditional Access implementation, our service will ensure optimal usage of Conditional Access to protect your staff, devices, and data in a Zero Trust model.

Project Phases & Deliverables

  • Discovery/Review – Initial discovery will capture the required details, identify any vulnerabilities, review sign-in logs to uncover exemptions, and inform the Conditional Access design.
  • Implementation – Following design sign off, we will create the groups, policies, and conditions. We will create test plans and simulate sign-ins to test the policies and monitor results before the transition and implementation.
  • Operational Transition – Once implemented we will create policy documentation and carry out knowledge transfer and training to your internal team to ensure smooth ongoing operational maintenance.

If after implementation and transition you need further consultancy or support, then we can help through our Cyber Security Operations Centre.