Azure ExpressRoute implementation: 3-hrs Briefing

Chunghwa Telecom

For customer want to connect to Azure ExpressRoute in Taiwan. Provide secure private connection service. Better connection reliability and stable low-latency connection.

In Taiwan, lots of customer want to connect to Azure ExpressRoute, but they don't know how to do this. So, we prepare 3hrs of know-how, tell our customer how to to.

1: What is Azure Network? 2: What needs of you want connect to? 3: Create a private connect for Azure ExpressRoute. 4: Link our customer from on-premise to Azure VNet, Storage, O365...etc.

Three characteristics Connection quality: Enterprise-level dedicated lines are directly connected to the public cloud, and enterprise-critical application services can enjoy higher connection quality. Secure connection: use a dedicated data line to ensure the security of transmitting sensitive data. Flexible bandwidth: lease bandwidth and pricing based on demand, flexible expansion and upgrade of bandwidth from 50Mb to 10Gb.

Three upgrades Bandwidth upgrade: Provides the largest fixed bandwidth, allowing enterprises to stably transmit important data. Delayed upgrade: Use dedicated lines to directly connect to the public cloud, greatly reducing the data transmission response time. Backup upgrade: Provide more than 7 types of backup architecture plans to ensure uninterrupted transmission of important and confidential data.