Magento 2 Migration to AKS: 4-Wks Implementation


Run your Magento 2 solution on Azure cloud managed services using AKS

With this solution from Ciklum, your cloud managed services are empowered. Additional benefits include - highly cost-effective use of computing resources, security and operation of the application 24/7. We will deploy Magento into Azure AKS managed Kubernetes cluster for horizontal workload scalability and automatic load balancing in order to respond to outages, peak or incidental traffic. We’ll also set up CI/CD pipelines, so your project team will be able to utilize the best DevOps practices for the development, testing, and deployment. During the migration process, we will be using a set of our own frameworks and technical artifacts to automate the process of migration of the Magento solution to Azure. This set is a result of the consolidation of numerous migration and innovation projects for Magento customers.


Week 1. Current client’s solution and infrastructure assessment

  • Understanding your challenges, problems and market opportunities
  • Architecture and codebase assessment of existing Magento and other applications, which are part of the client's digital commerce capability
  • Gathering and documenting of non-functional requirements and quality attributes for the target solution

Week 2. Target architecture design

  • Magento subscription selection (Community or Enterprise)
  • Design of target deployment architecture
  • Design of CI/CD pipelines

Week 3-4. Implementation

  • Decoupling of client’s Magento solution into microservices
  • Containerization of client’s Magento solution to enable cloud deployment
  • Setting up of CI/CD pipelines
  • Existing database migration


  • Solution architecture
  • Prioritized technical requirements backlog
  • Integration specification
  • Data migration approach & solution
  • CI/CD strategy
  • Deployment strategy
  • Working Magento 2 Dev, UAT and Production environments