DevSecOps Discovery on Azure: 2-Wks Workshop


Receive the complete DevSecOps roadmap on Azure after the discovery and assessment phase. DevSecOps - Confidence in Continuous Delivery, Quality, and Security

Are you:

  • Planning to utilise the DevSecOps for the first time?
  • Trying to understand how DevSecOps will increase your team efficiency and confidence in release quality?
  • Dreaming about fully automated release cycles with integrated security checks?
  • Looking for development DevSecOps roadmap on Azure?

With this solution from Ciklum, your Continuous Delivery approach becomes robust, with the current state defined, gap analysis conducted and future state is defined with the phase-by-phase roadmap for implementation.

Value you get

  • Receive and discuss best practices based on the Ciklum experience delivering services worldwide
  • Get the value as quickly as possible by reducing costs and minimising the risks: optimizing overall process from new idea appearance to production deployment, minimise the feedback loop, minimise time to market, reduce error rates and waste, optimise costs of efforts, deliver more features with less efforts, optimise the speed of delivery

As a result, you will get high-quality products and solutions.

We’ll guide your team through the value streams mapping exercise: uncover how requirements are created and transformed to the feature on the production environments through the design, implementation, integration, deployment phases and consult on CI/CD pipelines, so your project team will be able to utilise the best DevSecOps practices for the development, testing, security, and deployment.


Week 1

  • Discovery of the business environment
  • Assessment of current technology solution
  • Review software development process
  • Analysing software building processes
  • Review of security policies

Week 2

  • Describing the current state
  • DevSecOps target state definition

During the Discovery process, we will be using a set of industry and own frameworks and technical artifacts. Our approach is a result of the consolidation of numerous projects for worldwide customers.