Healthcare ISV Cloud Migration - 10 week Implementation


Turnkey solutions to enable Healthcare ISV organizations migrate and modernize their applications

CitiusTech's Cloud Center-of-Excellence helps healthcare organizations harness the power of Cloud Computing to deliver scalable, cost efficient and high availability solutions. With 1,500+ health Cloud engineers, CitiusTech has a deep understanding of the Cloud Computing needs of healthcare organizations - including Cloud native engineering, migration, security, governance and containerization.

Our team of healthcare cloud engineers and consultants works with healthcare software products or medical device companies to migrate on-premise solutions to cloud.

This turnkey implementation service helps our customers leverage Appliance Manager Discovery and Assessment agents to form an inventory list of servers to be migrated and their performance before initiating the migration to cloud. Further, Azure Migrate service is used to migrate VMs, Servers and Databases to Azure cloud.

Key experience includes:

  1. Migrating legacy, multi-site on-premise healthcare products to cloud
  2. Modernizing medical device software while ensuring optimal level of cloud spend
  3. Well versed in migrating large amounts of clinical (e.g., medical imaging) data efficiently and securely at scale
  4. Streamlining software version upgrades across multiple sites and devices

As part of our Cloud Migration services we keep an acute focus on:

  1. HIPAA & other Regulatory Compliance
  2. Risk assessment & Policy development
  3. Auditing and Monitoring

Assessment & Consulting: 6R Assessment, Consulting & Solution Architecture, solution migration roadmap Architecture Review, Application & Data Review, Resource Usage Review, DevOps Readiness, HIPAA Compliance Review, ROI calculation

Cloud Engineering: Design and architecture of scalable, secure platform with latest API notions Migrate applications - hardware, software, migrate over TLS & SSL and Real-time synchronization

Monitoring & Testing: Accelerate & scale migration, Generate periodic dashboards and reports for migration status and utilization updates

Cloud Security: Assess security gaps, audit logs and recommend roadmap & Monitor applications security

DevOps & Testing: DevOps processes enabling end to end pipeline execution with a single click deployment

Post Migration Point of View: Visibility, Optimization, Security & Governance

Accelerators: CRAF Migration framework, IAC Repo., FinOps framework, Security Dashboard

***The price quoted is indicative and will vary depending upon the actual complexity and scope.