Healthcare Image Ingestion Accelerator - 10 Week Implementation


CitiusTech solution to standardize ingestion for non-DICOM images using a HL7 FHIR® framework for metadata management

CitiusTech has leveraged AI/ML and deep learning technologies to build an Ingestion and Metadata Management Framework for enhanced Image Analytics that can help decipher images, support screening tests, disease diagnosis and predict disease progression.

Traditionally, clinicians and researchers have relied on DICOM imaging standard for workflow and imaging data management. However, medical imaging has expanded beyond order-based imaging for patients to other specialties like ophthalmology, dermatology, digital pathology, and other encounter-based images where non-DICOM images are prevalent. This framework can help customers leverage Azure Cognitive Services for image processing and Azure Blob storage for storing images.

CitiusTech’s ingestion framework and metadata enhancement solution that will streamline:

  • Search/query mechanism to build a cohort of required set of imaging data for research and annotation purposes
  • Labelling of imaging data using structured codes, anatomical region, and therapeutic areas for research study cataloguing
  • Integration of imaging data with associated clinical data


  • Robust search for multimodality, multi format imaging data
  • Platform agonistic HL7 FHIR framework for metadata management throughout the lifecycle of data
  • Customizable framework for metadata enhancement based on targeted research
  • Key Healthcare Use cases:

  • Development of Imaging Platform for Secondary Analysis
  • Standardized Uptake Value (SUV) Measurements in Image Viewer
  • Imaging Analytics for Disease Risk Quantification
  • Interoperability for Imaging Devices
  • Case Study: Client is a global medical device company and a leader in providing solutions for orthopaedics. Client wanted to achieve interoperability between its image management solutions and RIS, PACS and other hospital applications. Developed a standards-based solution to enable extensibility to other applications and provided interoperability between client applications and RIS, PACS, and other hospital information systems

    **The price quoted is indicative and will vary depending upon the actual complexity and scope.