Healthcare Data De-identifier on Azure Health Data - 4 Week Implementation


CitiusTech can enable healthcare organizations secure and de-identify their PHI/PII data as per regulatory requirements.

CitiusTech's Data & Analytics Center-of-Excellence helps healthcare organizations democratize data consumption across the enterprise. From Interoperability(FHIR) to building an Enterprise data warehouse, our team can help you with strategy and execution of data modernization, data governance and data security initiatives.

Securing and de-identifying PHI data is a critical regulatory need for healthcare organizations while they use and share healthcare information for several needs – such as product development, testing, analytics, regulatory submissions, and data sharing on public platforms.

We have built a wide range of accelerators to compress the time to value for our customers. Our Smart Data De-Identifier is a microservice that enables fast, effective PHI anonymization using multiple methodologies, leveraging user-specific configurations and ML-based analytics. This service can help our customers leverage Azure Health Data services for relevant services like FHIR, DICOM and extend their analysis within Azure Synapse.

Given below are some of the ways healthcare organizations have leveraged our microservice:

  1. Combine with customer’s existing integration engine to de-identify clinical data received from multiple provider sites, and storing the de-identified output in a FHIR format.
  2. Data De-ID service on Cloud with UI-enabled end-to-end workflow for medical writers who process SDTM domain files in XPT, CSV formats, as well as clinical study reports (CSR) in PDF format.
  3. Highly customizable to suit specific data types, sources and anonymization needs.

**The price quoted is indicative and will vary depending upon the actual complexity and scope.