Analytics Assessment


Modernize Your Analytics Platform to Meet Analytics Objectives

Analytics Assessment enables you to make informed decisions based on business data and achieve your business goals.

Click2Cloud provides an Analytics Assessment that evaluates the current state of your analytics, provides an inventory of your IT assets, tools, and technologies, identifies new analytic goals, provides a modern cloud architecture and roadmap along with a data strategy framework, and prioritizes business use cases to achieve your analytics goals in a data-driven way. We at Click2Cloud provide you with the power of analytics and plan to modernize the data estate in Azure, complete with production-ready proof of concept to demonstrate the potential of data through our analytics assessment and help you make better and more informed decisions every day. This 4-week assessment will provide you with a comprehensive blueprint to execute successful Analytics projects on the Azure cloud that drive organizational change and improve processes.

Our 4-Week Analytics Assessment Aims To: • Assess the current state and identify gaps and analytical needs in collaboration with stakeholders • Conduct an analysis of external data sources and the need for data sharing • Plan the future state of the architecture • Establish the maturity level of data governance • Plan and develop a roadmap for implementation • Provide reporting and recommendations • Presentation of results (Assessment Executive Summary Report)

Key Deliverables • An assessment and review of the current data landscape • Prioritized list of Data Analytics opportunities • Analytics Strategy/Modernization plan • Financial analysis: TCO/ ROI – Detailed cost and financial analysis • Recommended next steps: Customer proposal • A business case demonstrating the value story • Executive summary • Clear next steps post assessment