Cloud Intel


An assessment tool that identifies your IT inventory and evaluates it to make you decide the movement of your workloads to Cloud.

Cloud Intel

Click2Cloud’s Cloud Intel is a cloud and on-prem assessment platform that aids the organization in discovery of IT inventory, assess the IT inventory, and collect the intel for different category manually as well as automatically to enable organization decide in moving workload to Cloud. Cloud Intel assists organizations to take their first step in assessing IT inventory to begin migration journey on the cloud. This platform helps the user to create an assessment, feed various parameters during the assessment process, and gives statistical report based on the parameters fed by the user. Cloud Intel platform aids in identifying the total cost of cloud expenditure and total cost saving after migrating to cloud.

Salient features of Cloud Intel:

  1. Discovery
  2. Assessment
  3. Cloud Compare
  4. TCO and ROI Report
  5. Migration Roadmap and Timeline
  6. Orchestration

Click2Cloud’s Cloud Intel enables the organizations to take strategic decisions based on assessment and various reports for migration to cloud. Click2Cloud also helps in end-to end support for migration to Microsoft Azure Cloud and provides various services throughout the cloud migration journey.