Contract Optimization Assessment


Click2Cloud’s Contract Optimization Assessment provides customers with an understanding of their full Microsoft product deployment and associated licensing contract positions.

As part of our Contract Optimization Assessment, Click2Cloud provides you with an overview of your current product deployments, all existing agreements, an overview of your current investments, and recommendations for contract licensing in support of your business strategy.

We at Click2Cloud evaluate Azure cloud licensing opportunities to improve your total cost of ownership and reduce your uncertainty around how to achieve optimal use of Azure capabilities and simplify contracting processes by consolidating multiple licenses.

This assessment will give you a clear picture of your Microsoft contract licensing costs, and insight into how an investment in Azure cloud technology can contribute to the growth and innovation of your organization.

Key Deliverables:

• Assessment of the current environment and real-time details

• Overview of existing agreements, current investments & licensing costs

• Recommendations on contract licensing with Azure cloud

• Evaluation of Azure cloud licensing opportunities

• Financial analysis

• Reporting

• Future plan

Assessment Outcomes:

• Detailed overview of Microsoft deployments

• Recommendations on the most appropriate Azure licensing contract

• Insights on the legacy system and software licensing

• Instructions on how to use current technology and make licensing decisions that fit the needs of customers

• Licensing optimization report

• Costs overview

• Clear next steps