Dark to Cloud Migration Assessment - 4 Weeks


Take your first step to an enhanced Azure cloud ecosystem with Cloud Intel’s Dark to Azure Cloud Migration Assessment and thrive in the digital era.

The concept of "Dark to Cloud" pertains to businesses aiming to modernize their operations by integrating cloud technology, even if they do not currently have a presence in the cloud.

Suppose your business falls into the "Dark to Cloud" category and is contemplating a migration to the cloud. In that case, it necessitates meticulous planning to identify the most suitable solution that aligns with your specific goals while being cost-effective.

Consider Cloud Intel, an AI-driven assessment platform that assists you in transitioning to Azure Cloud. As part of our assessment process, we analyze your existing on-premises setup, IT infrastructure, and challenges. We then provide guidance on how Azure Cloud services can offer substantial benefits to your organization, helping you make the decision to embrace cloud technology fully.

We offer comprehensive support in crafting a cloud migration strategy and a roadmap and provide cost-effective solutions to enable cloud adoption, ensuring a smooth, rapid, and secure transition.

Cloud Intel helps keep you on your journey through:

• Discovery and assessment of the current environment

• Analysis of the current Azure environment

• Benefits of migrating to the Azure cloud

• Migration strategy to achieve Azure best practices

• Migration roadmap and timeline

• Prioritization of IT workloads

• A comprehensive report on the current cloud readiness of your assets

• Availability of tools and technologies

• Azure cost calculation, and TCO planning

• Risk assessment

• Reporting and clear next steps

Click2Cloud’s innovative and proactive approach guides you through every step of a successful migration to the Azure Cloud. Start your assessment today with Cloud Intel to excel in the modern era.