Data Warehouse Migration Assessment


Click2Cloud’s Data Warehouse Migration Assessment helps you create a fact-based roadmap and offers an estimation for the migration of the existing data warehouse to the modern Azure data warehouse.

Traditional data warehouses have fixed compute and storage capabilities, that prevent enterprises from realizing their full business potential. As a consequence, scalability is affected and improvements are hindered. By migrating to the Azure cloud, enterprises can overcome these challenges, however, migration of a data warehouse to the Azure cloud is a significant undertaking that requires careful planning. Click2Cloud provides Data Warehouse Migration Assessment that assesses your on-premises data warehouse environment and helps you identify and improve wasteful applications and maintenance processes, and assists you in prioritizing your workloads for Azure cloud migration.  We at Click2Cloud provide you with a detailed migration plan with cost, budget, and time estimates for a seamless data warehouse migration on Azure. This 4-week Data Warehouse Migration Assessment is intended to guide you regarding your current data warehouse setup, your future priorities and Microsoft Azure solutions.

Engagement Outline: • Kick-off - identifying pain points and understanding requirements • Data Profiling and recommendation as per source and destination • Analyzing the application and data architectures • Cost and financial analysis • Proof of Concept environment • Reporting and recommendations • Migration Plan • Presentation of results (Assessment Executive Summary Report)

Deliverables • Discovery: Data collection • Current Environment Review Report • Pre-Migration & Post-Migration Checklist • An estimate of the migration project's cost • Migration Roadmap • Executive summary • Clear next steps (Future plan)