ESG Reporting Service - 3-Week Workshop


Click2Cloud’s ESG Reporting Service helps you find strategy & approach for verifying ESG compliance & reporting KPIs to future-proof your business by turning sustainability into competitive advantage.

It is crucial for companies to report on ESG risks and opportunities across the value chains to improve transparency across all of their operations and to comply with new legislation and investors'/stakeholders' requirements for sustainability and ESG disclosures.

Click2Cloud’s ESG Reporting Service helps companies identify the best strategies and approaches to addressing environmental, social, and governance issues by leveraging Azure data platforms.

We at Click2Cloud provide an ESG data strategy that systematically discovers, extracts, and employs data from the current environment to meet ESG and sustainability reporting needs. Our data strategy incorporates future needs regarding ESG reporting due to regulation and compliance requirements, best practices integration with Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, and Microsoft Azure.

We provide appropriate analytical tools for analysis, processing, and querying data easily to ensure visualization to meet stakeholders' needs. Click2Cloud's ESG Reporting service and automated solutions simplify and accelerate ESG Reporting and provide full transparency and visibility over an organization's environmental, social, and governance impact with Microsoft Azure.

Key Deliverables:

• Discovery of ESG data

• Assessment of the current environment

• ESG/Sustainability reporting needs

• Data-driven roadmap (How to move forward)

• Data analytical tools

• ESG data strategy and implementation

• Automation of ESG Reporting

• Tracking and Measurement

• Best practices for sustainable digital transformation

• Financial analysis (TCO)

• Recommendation and clear Next steps

Following the discovery workshop, a customized statement of work will be created specifying the solution implementation, price, and duration. Get started with Click2Cloud!