Infrastructure Migration - 3-Week Workshop


Click2Cloud helps you migrate your infrastructure (VMs) to the Azure cloud with confidence.

To make your organization more innovative and successful, you must capitalize on the shift to digital transformation. However, it can be daunting to figure out where to begin.

With Click2Cloud, you can migrate your infrastructure (VMs) to Azure and leverage the power of the cloud to improve scale, lower costs, and achieve immediate results. With Azure, you can build and deploy wherever you want, using your preferred tools, and frameworks.

Click2Cloud analyzes your on-premises infrastructure to determine the need for Cloud migration and provides a comprehensive review of your current infrastructure which helps prioritize initial migration workloads to Azure.

Throughout the workshop, you will learn about migration strategy, the value of migrating to Azure, tools, and methods available to help you migrate, how to monitor and optimize Azure-based workloads to maximize return on investment, and how to manage your infrastructure and protect it with Azure services.

Key Deliverables:

• Comprehensive discovery and assessment of the customer’s existing infrastructure

• Cloud Comparison

• Insights, analysis, and recommendations for moving to Azure

• Customer’s cloud readiness ratification and prioritization of workloads to move to Azure

• Migration roadmap and timeline

• Landing zone

• TCO analysis (Estimate migration costs)

• Reporting

• Future plan

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