Oracle to PostgreSQL Migration Assessment


Migrate your Oracle database to Azure PostgreSQL with Click2Cloud's best practices and the Oracle to PostgreSQL Migration Assessment

Database migration is a complex process. To simplify it, we at Click2Cloud offer best practices and migration assessment that help you with migrating your on-premises Oracle database to an Azure PostgreSQL database. As part of our database migration services, we help you create a database migration roadmap that can accelerate your journey to modernize your database and infrastructure.

A faster Oracle to PostgreSQL Migration Assessment can range from 3–4 weeks and helps customers embark on their Digital Transformation journey.

Key Benefits of Oracle to PostgreSQL Migration • Zero licensing cost • Robust scalability and flexibility • Reduction in efforts, easy to use • High availability and customizability

Key Deliverables: • Discovery • Assessment of the current state • An overview of the benefits of migrating Oracle workloads to Azure • Pre-migration check-list preparation • Migration Plan and roadmap for Azure migration • Financial analysis: TCO/ ROI – Detailed cost and financial analysis • Reporting and recommendations • Presentation of results (Assessment Executive Summary Report) • Future plan

Assessment Outcomes: • Summary of the current environment • Understanding of Azure migration benefits for Oracle workloads • An understanding of migration complexities • A deeper understanding of how Oracle workloads can be migrated to Azure • Detailed cost and financial analysis • Clear next steps and action items