Sustainability Assessment


Click2Cloud provides Sustainability Assessment that helps you reach your environmental sustainability goals with secure and innovative Microsoft Azure solutions.

Sustainability has become the key to innovation. The world is moving towards a more sustainable and equitable future, and hence commercial solutions are in high demand to achieve these goals. Click2Cloud’s Sustainability Assessment helps you future-proof your business by evaluating your existing Azure cloud initiatives and finding business opportunities using Microsoft solutions. We at Click2Cloud enable you to analyze your baseline carbon emissions, the amount of carbon your infrastructure emits, energy usage, water quality, and material waste, also help you track your progress toward your sustainability goals over time with visualizations of your positive impact on the environment. This 4 week's assessment assists businesses in moving toward their sustainability goals by analyzing the current environment and matching opportunities on the Azure cloud.

Key Deliverables: • Discovery - Data Collection and evaluation • Analysis of business challenges, opportunities, and scenarios • Assessment of current technology use and IT infrastructure • Prioritize & understand sustainability objectives • A brief overview of sustainability • Sustainability Assessment (Migration Plan and roadmap for Azure migration) • Financial analysis: TCO/ ROI – Detailed cost and financial analysis • Sustainability dashboard for easy tracking and visualization • Sustainability report • Future Plan

Assessment Outcomes: • Summary of the current environment and IT infrastructure • A cloud migration roadmap • TCO overview and cost estimates for infrastructure • Guidance on emissions, energy usage, water quality, material waste monitoring, and root cause analysis • Easy tracking and measurement of environmental impact • Best practices to improve digital transformation