Current State & Solution Design: 3-Wk Assessment


Project Inception Sprint activities focused on defining a solution approach that allows you to meet your stated objectives given your constraints and timeline.

The intent of the Inception Sprint is to to define a set of Minimal Marketable Features (MMF's), create a release plan, and outline the architectural approach. We rank all project components by priority/value. This allows our development team to immediately begin the implementation of the most valuable MMF. All other project components remain in priority order and are placed within the project roadmap. This roadmap helps to define the best Course of Action (COA) while also providing the expected schedule of product releases.

The Inception Sprint focuses on the discovery and planning phases of any project engagement. At the end of the Inception Sprint (Assessment) you receive a full project proposal comprised of the following deliverables:

  • Definition of organizational objectives

  • Stakeholder Identification

  • Complete Current State Analysis

  • Technical Approach

  • Comparison of solution options

  • Capability Map

  • Comprehensive Engagement Release Plan