Cloocus : 1Day Azure Open AI Discovery Workshop


Discover how to seamlessly integrate Azure Open AI with Azure AI services to develop and apply generative AI solution within your business operations.

Workshop Logistics

• Title: Cloocus Azure Open AI Discovery Workshop • Provider: Cloucus • Purpose: To discover the possibilities and application of Azure AI Open AI in various business scenarios.


  1. Preparation for the business process analysis: Conduct a thorough examination and understanding of current business processes to identify areas for potential improvement through Azure Open AI application.
  2. Introduction to Azure Open AI and AI services: An overview of Azure Open AI capabilities, its integration with Azure AI services, and the benefits it can bring to modern business solutions.
  3. Strategy for Azure AI service and Azure Open AI application: Developing a strategic approach for applying Azure Open AI within the Azure AI ecosystem to enhance business processes.
  4. Step-by-Step Guide: A structured step-by-step plan to implement Azure Open AI solutions effectively.
  5. To-Be State (PoC and practical steps): Outlining the envisioned end state after the implementation of Azure Open AI, including Proof of Concept (PoC) development and actionable steps towards realization.

Workshop Description

The AOA1 Discovery Workshop is designed to unlock the potential of generative AI by leveraging Azure's Open AI service. Participants will gain insights into the transformative impacts of AI on business processes and operations. The workshop will facilitate a comprehensive analysis of existing workflows and pinpoint opportunities for enhancement through generative AI.