Discovery Free 2 hours Workshop


It is very important to get off on the right foot when you start off being a Cloud user. Not sure where to start? We propose a simple free workshop that can help you discover your exact position.

It is not that easy to make up your mind to migrate your legacy system to cloud world. Cloocus’ Discovery Workshop Program can be the first step toward a successful transition to Azure Cloud.
Once you let us contact us Cloocus, our expert consultant group certified with MCP(Microsoft Certified Professional) will visit you and proceed a 2 hour workshop with you, to suggest an optimal cloud roadmap by checking your current IT system and needs. More surprise is this workshop is totally free for all customers. The workshop consists of the followings.

Agenda 1) Investigate current IT operation system of customer site 2) Check and gather customers requirement 3) Introduction of methodology and references 4) Proposal of cloud roadmap that is fitting to customer

In order to meet your varied requirements, Cloocus has many expert consultants who have deep knowledge and experience in the following area. HPC, Hybrid Cloud, Cloud security, DR, DevOps, Resource monitoring, Big data, Machine Learning, Container, Serverless computing, data optimization