AVD Discovery: 3-Day Assessment

Cloud Direct

The Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Discovery service will allow your organisation to start understanding the adoption of AVD for remote work.

This review will allow you to fully understand your user profiles, user experience and resource requirements. We will help you align them with proposed setup plans that adhere to best practice guidance from Microsoft. Securing stakeholder, functional, and organisational requirements will allow Cloud Direct to interpret these into the analysis formulating the outlines of a target state roadmap planning. This will enable you to migrate to an Azure environment with confidence that you're doing the right thing. Find out how you can harness the power of an Azure environment with AVD to improve user profiles, user experience, and resource usage in a cost effective and efficient way.

Service deliverables:

  • Requirement gathering workshop
  • Cost modelling
  • Target state identification
  • Assessment to analyse your current data
  • Solution stakeholder walkthrough

The service is expected to provide you with a key part of the overall adoption business case and build stakeholder confidence in the proposed plans.

The benefits and value are therefore:

  • Understand your user profiles, user experience and resource requirements.
  • Identify and understand your organisational, service, and operational requirements
  • Understand the current and future state of your environment
  • Create business case and gain confidence to take action

Discover how to enable your organisation to experience its office environment from anywhere in the world with access to any device with AVD. Cloud Direct will work with you to make sense of the data and provide actionable next steps in line with technical requirements, cost efficiencies and security.