Azure Scale Up: 5-Day Workshop

Cloud Direct

A workshop that provides training, processes and security settings to scale up and optimise adoption of Azure by removing blockers to scale and introducing processes to scale safely and efficiently.

This workshop is for industry-wide Senior Technical Leaders to achieve greater ROI from Azure. Delivered over 3 stages and 5 days, at the end of the engagement you will have the processes in place to monitor and manage costs, optimise your estate in Azure and have the necessary security plans in place to scale up.

Work with an expert...

Cloud Direct is the partner to work with for Azure. As an Azure Expert MSP our services, delivery and end customer value has been tested to the highest standards. With a proven accreditation set, we are a trusted partner to deliver Microsoft technology.


Day 1: Workshop

During a workshop on the first day we will identify business and technical requirements, run through an introduction to Azure landing zone, governance best practice considerations, definitions of naming and tags and agreement on deployment strategy.

Days 2-3: Deployment strategy

A design document with naming and tagging will be created, followed by the setting up of the subscription and deployment of the Azure landing zone.

Days 4-5: Deployment and knowledge transfer

We will define the standards and policies of the landing zone components across the key areas of governance, security and networking.


  • Security and governance design document.

  • Azure subscription configured to agreed standards.

  • Knowledge transfer of the deployment process and operational management.

Price variability

Due to the potential scope of client scenarios, the price for the landing zone is estimated and is dependent on the number of additional days that may be required to complete the workshop.