Azure Technical Design Review: 3-Day Workshop

Cloud Direct

*Get the most out of Azure with a technical design workshop that unlocks optimisation opportunities and mitigates risks. Ensuring your Azure technical design meets your objectives.*
This workshop is ideal for those using Azure at scale or looking to imminently and want peace of mind that their technical design will deliver to expectations. ### Agenda: **Stage 1** – A meeting of minds: A meeting between your architects and Cloud Directs to understand the scope of the project, share best practise and present your technical design review. **Stage 2** – Review: An offsite review and diagnosis of your technical design. **Stage 3** – Optimise: Feedback sessions on finding including opportunities to optimise and identification of any risks. ### Deliverables: * Feedback sessions sharing best practise and offering optimisation and risk mitigation advice. * Documented review and recommendation report from a certified Azure Expert MSP. ### Price variability The price is subject to the number of additional days required to complete the workshop depending on customer requirements.