Security Audit: 2 Hour Workshop

Cloud Direct

This focused 1:1 Innovation Workshop will help you identify vulnerabilities and develop security roll-out plans.

The Security Workshop will guide you in understanding the levels of protection and explore your organisation’s security maturity levels.

In the workshop, we will explore your prevention and detection strategy, understand your identity and access management and conduct a holistic security review to provide clear actions for your organisation. We will help you identify ways in which Microsoft Cloud technologies can assist you in strengthening your security measures using tools such as the Microsoft Well-Architected Framework, and roll-out plans for Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft Threat Intelligence, Defender for Cloud and many more that will elevate your security landscape.


  • Expert guidance from a Cloud Evangelist: Leverage the expertise of a Cloud Evangelist to navigate the complex security landscape.
  • Customised Microsoft solutions tailored to the organisation's unique challenges: Receive actionable insights and strategies that are specifically designed for your organisation.
  • Actionable insights for immediate security improvements: Walk away from the workshop with a clear action plan for enhancing your cloud security measures.