Sentinel Health Check: 7-Day Assessment

Cloud Direct

The Sentinel Health Check looks at your existing Sentinel deployment in your Azure environment to identify opportunities to improve it's performance.

It takes know-how and 'eyes on' management to maintain Sentinel, or you risk losing control of its effectiveness and costs. The Sentinel Health Check takes a step back to review your business case for deployment, revisit the deployment designs and assess the operational issues you're facing.

Through workshops and technical reviews we'll summarise how your Sentinel application is performing against best practice and walk you through a prioritised optimisation plan to secure your Azure environment.

This service includes:

  • Review organisational drivers for Sentinel, deployment designs and operational processes
  • Platform configuration analysis
  • Component analysis
  • Prioritised action plan and stakeholder walkthrough

Optimise your security operations with a detailed view on how to improve performance efficiency of your Sentinel application in Azure.

The above service inclusions will allow you to benefit as follows:

  • Revisit the original intentions for deployment to make sure it's still fit for purpose
  • Make sure the SOC team are being informed of the right alerts in the most efficient way
  • Maximise value for money
  • Increase impact and value of Sentinel in your Azure environment