Sentinel: 2-Day Proof of Concept

Cloud Direct

The Sentinel Proof of Concept will help you discover threats, understand how to mitigate threats and provide the information for a full on-boarding to Sentinel.

Azure Sentinel is an intelligent, cloud-native Security Information Events Manager (SIEM) platform that leverages AI to analyse sheer amounts of data across your organisation - helping you stay resilient against any threats. Ensure security across the cloud.

The Sentinel Proof of Concept (POC) is an opportunity to experience Sentinel first-hand using real data. It's an analysis of security requirements mapped to Azure Sentinel within your Azure environment. A Sentinel proof of concept configured and deployed for your business will assess its value to you. This is done by having visibility of genuine security threats and can be deployed with or without an in-house Security Operations Centre (SOC) in place.


  • We will introduce you to the Sentinel Proof of Concept engagement, discuss the upcoming activities, align expectations and establish timelines

  • Analyse your requirements and priorities

  • Define scope & deploy Sentinel for selected workloads

  • We will setup Sentinel based on the scope of the POC we define with you, deploy trial licenses and subscriptions, and complete a technical setup once Sentinel is enabled

  • Use temporary credits to initiate remote monitoring and proactive threat hunting to discover attack indicators

  • Engage in the POC in one of two scenarios: ** Remote monitoring ** Joint threat exploration

  • We will analyse the results from the POC, summarising and documenting findings and recommended next steps as part of the results presentation


  • PoC to demonstrate the benefits of Sentinel to your organisation.
  • Analysis report and mitigation recommendations.
  • Walk through with key business stakeholders.