WVD Rapid Deployment: 2 Week Implementation

Cloud Direct

Fast and cost-effective implementation of an Azure WVD environment to enable work from any location for up to 50 users. This can be used as an initial phase to a larger WVD project or as a POC

The Rapid Deployment service is designed to deliver a shrink-wrapped service and compromises of all the essential elements required to deploy a WVD environment that meets minimum requirements for successful remote working.

The service is ideal for those who are looking to quickly adopt WVD to enable remote working and securely achieve the following benefits:

  • Increase productivity working anywhere on any device

  • Protect business continuity by operating from any location

  • Attract the best talent through modern working practices

  • Utilise cloud technology to save costs and improve performance

Work with an expert...

As an Azure Expert MSP our services, delivery and end customer value has been tested to the highest standards. With a proven accreditation set, we are a trusted partner to deliver Microsoft technology. Having worked with ISVs across multiple sectors we have the experience and expertise to help make your growth objectives a reality using Azure technologies.


Discovery & Design Phase

As part of the discovery & design phase together, we will map your business requirements per department or role and design your WVD deployment around these. Additionally, this phase will identify the Azure environment requirements and provide a cost estimate for your monthly Azure spend.

Deployment Phase

At the deploy stage, we will use our findings to deploy a WVD environment that meets your requirements making certain that it is optimised across performance, cost and security. Our architects are experienced and highly skilled in WVD - be safe in the knowledge that your deployment will be conducted to the highest standards.


Training of admin users with documentation of your solution. We will also complete functional and UAT testing to ensure you are fully comfortable with your end solution with training for end-users.

Subject to key terms and pre-requisites available on request