Azure Application Modernisation: 5 Day Assessment

Cloud Direct

This assessment will provide you with an understanding of what's possible for your application within Azure leaving you with a road map of migration options and recommendations to optimise.

This 5-day assessment is for technical and business stakeholders to understand the supporting infrastructure options for their applications in Azure.


Day 1: Workshop We will interview key stakeholders and implement tools to assess your application in the context of Azure.

Days 2-4: Deployment strategy Results of the evaluation tool are analysed. Following the technical analysis and assessment workshop, a detailed assessment report is written to describe what has been discovered, the identification of suitable options, the recommended solution options and estimated costs for Azure resources.

Day 5: Knowledge transfer We will return to present the results of the assessment back to the stakeholders originally interviewed, plus the wider project team if appropriate. Actions and next steps for the implementation of workloads are determined if necessary.


  • An assessment report detailing your application options in Azure with recommended solution paths.