Azure Data Hub Governance: 10-Wk workshops

Cloud1 Oy

Data governance model roles, operations and processes defined to start up Data & ML platform capability development on Azure for Target audience:Data Platform Owner, Head of the Data/ML, CDO, CTO, CIO

Structure of workshops for Azure Data Hub Governance by Cloud1.

  1. WS0 Pre-work for governance scope WS0 (1st week)
  2. WS1 Governance Roles (2nd week) - Defined roles for data & ml usage - Organization around the data - Deliverables: Azure DevOps roles defined
  3. WS2 Operative Model (3rd - 4th weeks) - Operative Responsibilities - Continuous Development Model - Data-Project Management - Architecture Review Board - Security Reviews Board - Service Status Reviews - Deliverables: Azure DevOps wikis defined
  4. WS3 Security Policies (5th - 6th weeks) - Data Access Policy - Auditing Policies - Platform Access Policies - Business Continuity - Deliverables: Azure DevOps data access policies, AAD, Power BI roles and groups
  5. WS4 Data Management (7th - 8th weeks) - Asset Ownership - Data Process Framework - Documentation Requirements - Data Lifecycle Management - Metadata Requirements - Data Catalog & Discoverability - Deliverables: Azure DevOps (data assets, lifecycle process, etc.), Purview (data catalogs)
  6. WS5 Wrap-up and documentation finalization (9th - 10th weeks) - Deliverables: Azure DevOps organization, practices and processes defined

The entire architectural and operational framework to manage Cloud1 -Data Hub built-on Azure Data Platform. The framework is managed with Azure DevOps. It guides through the entire architecture development process from piloting until the continuous development state. New business demands are split into features, user stories, and the following tasks to be implemented. Azure DevOps functions as a central repository for Azure Data Platform resources. Development tasks are planned and moved to two weeks iterations. Azure DevOps Wiki provides with naming conventions, resources being used, data flow descriptions, etc. Keywords: Azure Databricks, Azure Synapse, Azure Data Factory, Azure Logic Apps Standard, Azure ML Service, Terraform IaC and PBI