Cloud1 Azure integration platform: 1 month concept implementation

Cloud1 Oy

Cloud1 Azure Integration Platform as a service (iPaas) is a suite of cloud services enabling development, execution and governance of integration flows.

Benefits of Azure iPaaS

  • Centralized development and monitoring environments provide an overall view of all your data flows. You can use Azure services to monitor your data flows and send alerts if errors occur. Additionally, you can use APIs to gain a better overview of utilization level.
  • An integration with DevOps allows you to track changes done to iPaaS via code repositories, and set up a CI/CD pipeline to automate your deployments from dev to test and test to production, thus minimizing human error.
  • A wide selection of built-in connectors helps to connect applications and transform data in the workflows. This makes development easier and faster compared to building everything from scratch
  • Serverless solutions allow fast deployments and scaling flexibility, without the burden of maintaining infrastructure. Develop and test locally and deploy to the cloud.
  • With an Infrastructure-as-Code approach, your infrastructure is in the configuration files and enables configuring Azure resources in a repeatable manner, minimizing potential human errors and manual work. You can set up temporary environments effortlessly when needed. Thus there's no need to run temporary environments when they are not actively in use
  • Cost efficient and optimized: Pay only for resources that you use when you use them. Disable services that are not used and scale in resources if there is no heavy traffic
  • Scale in and scale out resources automatically when more processing power is needed. No need to manually spin up another Virtual Machine, or disable instances when less processing power is enough