Application and database modernization assessment - 4 Wk's

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Renovate Applications on Azure with Cloud4C Application Modernization services to restructure, build, deploy, and scale applications leveraging cutting edge Azure services for 5 Home grown Apps

Cloud4C application modernization assessment is a process of evaluating current application estate to determine their readiness for modernization to Azure. The assessment will typically cover the following areas: • Business value: The assessment will determine the business value of each application, as well as its impact on the Customer if it were to fail. • Modernization options: The assessment will identify a range of modernization options for each application, including refactoring, re-platforming, and rearchitecting. • Technical Enabler: The assessment will identify any technical debt associated with each application, such as outdated technologies or non-linear to incorrect coding practices. • Cost and ROI: The assessment will estimate the cost and return on investment (ROI) of each modernization option.

The assessment will encompass the scanning of the Application codes using tools approach as LEVEL ONE and followed by a manual workshop with customer team as Level TWO

For COTS & ISV based application Cloud4C assessment and analyze phase to include working with application vendor to identify infra requirement, migration efforts and timelines a. Look for SaaS option or new cloud ready version b. Lift & Shift on Cloud c. Look for new version on Cloud  App Service or Containers  PaaS Database d. Lift & Shift on Cloud + DB Conversion to PaaS

• Database Modernization Assessment – a. For the database running with applications Cloud4C team will review and analyze them using DMA tool and manual workshops and provide recommendations for conversion to Azure PaaS Database or Lift and Shift migration to VM on cloud. b. Feasibility and blueprint for Oracle to PostgreSQL migration • Landing Zone Blueprint & Network Security requirements a. Cloud4c will also conduct network / security and business continuity assessment workshop to determine their current tool and services used and provide recommendations for future state on cloud. • Depending on the outcome of Assessment cloud4c will provide the phase wise plan covering the migration approach and timelines