Cloud4C Azure VMware Services Onboarding PoC

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AVS Proof of Concept (POC)for an hands-on evaluation of AVS to assess fitment to capitalise on existing VMware investments and Migrate to Azure without changing the underlying virtualisation platform

On-premises to Azure VMware services

As organizations more than ever look for cost efficiencies, business stability, and consistency, choosing the most efficient migration path is imperative. This entails consideration of various workload scenarios and destinations, such as migrating on-premises VMware servers to Azure VMware Solution (AVS)/ AWS

Use cases for AVS Migration • Capitalize on existing VMware investments, skills, and tools • Migrate to Azure without changing the underlying virtualization platform • Reduce overhead related to infrastructure procurement, deployment and management • Continue to manage VMWare in Azure using familiar tools such as vSphere, vSAN, vCenter • Take advantage of extended security updates support for legacy systems like Windows Server and SQL server 2008 & 2012 • Take advantage of scaling, automation, rapid provisioning features for the workloads • Use Azure as the disaster recovery datacenter with native VMWare replication tools

Azure VMware services PoC

Scope: • <=20 guest OS instances from on-prem dev/test env with 256 GB max storage) for the Migration and which can be finalised during PoC Scope definition.

Discover and assessment of VMware environment on source side covering • Current VMware cluster configuration (validation of minimum requirements, identification of risks) - Existing network topology / connectivity infrastructure (documentation of address spaces, NSX/BGP/DHCP/DNS configurations, etc.)

Blueprint - Assessment & migration of the identified agreed on-prem VMware workloads • AVS Environment readiness for the PoC • POC design (AVS private cloud, Azure vnet, and AVS cluster design, identification of target workloads) • Creation of architecture design documentation and diagrams, and associated Azure cost estimates

POC Execution : • Migration of on-prem VMware VMs through HCX.NSXT configuration • System testing/validation, documentation. Dependencies • Azure subscription associated with a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) or a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Azure plan
• Dependent Connectivity between on-premise and Azure that meets HCX underlay minimum requirements • AVS requires a /22 CIDR network that does not overlap with any existing network segments deployed on-premises or in Azure • Azure ExpressRoute is required to leverage VMware Site Recovery Manager for disaster recovery ** • Tenant Admin Access granted to implementation team • Details and Naming convention for Vnet, Subnet, VM • Identifying the workloads for PoC