Work From Home Using Quickbook Azure: 3-Days Imp

Cloud 9 Infosystems, Inc.

Cloud 9 Infosystems has a goal to ensure that our clients can always use their Quickbooks systems on the Azure Cloud
Migrate your on-premise QuickBooks accounting package to Microsoft Azure for remote secure access using a mobile, tablet, and laptop without the hassle of managing server, hardware, and underlying support requirements. Common hurdles faced by many companies when using QuickBooks on-premises * An organization with multiple locations face data security problems if they have many users working on the QB system. * Infrastructure support for servers required on-site. * The on-site server is based on always on power, bandwidth, and storage space requirements. * Challenges with backing-up and Enterprise data security. Benefits of using QuickBooks on Cloud * Create a new or scale your current virtual workforce and Data by using mobile, tablets & laptops. * Centralize the data and your business operation without the need for synchronization or consolidation. * No Hardware or Software maintenance required.. * Collaborate securely on the QB files with multiple users. * You can automatically send bills and statements. * As per specs, the server can be customized. * Scale-up Cloud infrastructure as per requirement.. * Cost-efficient pricing for Pay-as-you-Go. * World-class security Implementation steps: Day 1 * Organizational Discovery Session. * Analyzing current on-premises QB setup, usage in organization your data migration requirements. * Post analysis recommendations using the right Azure resources for the organization. Day 2 * Start with Azure resources implementation on the Subscription. * Provisioning of VM, relevant configurations for infrastructure security and cloud usage. * User Configuration, Backup Configuration, Office Setup, Basic Group policy configuration on VM. * RDP / VPN configuration if required. * Install the QuickBooks application on VM. * Data Import on the VM. * Testing the QB environment on the VM. Day 3 * Demo on QuickBooks for Cloud environment to Client users. * Training to end-users. * Answering Queries and handover.