Azure Virtual Desktop Secure Platform designed by CloudAstro - Revolutionize Your Workplace (4 Days - Workshop)

CloudAstro GmbH

Embrace the future with AVD Secure Platform, where mobility meets cutting-edge security for all industries.

The Azure Virtual Desktop Secure Platform offers a revolutionary way to re-envision the traditional IT workspace. It's a bold response to the ever-increasing need for agile, secure, and responsive work environments.

Evaluate your company's unique needs and discover how the integration of AVD Secure Platform with Utimaco's u.Trust LAN Crypt Cloud Solution can revolutionize your workplace security. Join our experts for a tailored workshop.

In our specialized workshop, we'll delve into your existing setup and business goals to craft a personalized strategy using the following aspects:
AVD Secure:
Explore advanced security features like Zero Trust Landing Zones and Identity Governance, ensuring your Azure Virtual Desktop is fortified.

AVD Platform Adoption:
Expert guidance on migrating or starting a secure AVD Platform, tailored to your business requirements.

AVD Secure Solution Features:
Understand the array of security offerings, including integration with Utimaco’s u.Trust LAN Crypt Cloud for robust data encryption, ensuring protection against unauthorized internal and external access.

Cloud Astro DevOps Approach:
Learn how our skilled DevOps engineers can employ Infrastructure as Code, Cloud Automation, and CI/CD to enhance efficiency.

We'll also demonstrate how different worker profiles within your company, from developers to frontline workers, can leverage this secure and adaptable solution.

Benefits of using AVD Secure Platform by CloudAstro

Enhanced Security:
Utilize Utimaco's u.Trust LAN Crypt Cloud Solution to add an extra layer of security to your data.

Tailored Guidance:
Gain personalized insights and recommendations specific to your organization.

Hands-On Experience:
Collaborate with our experts to experience how the AVD Secure Platform operates.

Strategic Alignment:
Find the best practices and strategies for harmonizing AVD with your existing workflows.

Cost-Efficient Planning:
Design scalable solutions that grow with your business, maximizing value.

Security Compliance:
Ensure alignment with global standards and regulations for secure data management.

Join Us:
Take the first step in transforming your workplace with enhanced security through the AVD Secure Platform and Utimaco's u.Trust LAN Crypt Cloud Solution. Register for our workshop and let us help you turn your vision into reality.