Devoteam M Cloud - Security Assessment

Cloudeon A/S

Obtain full overview of your security posture in your Microsoft cloud environment

Devoteam M Cloud offers a full security assessment of your Microsoft environment.

The assessment is aligned towards well-known security frameworks (NIST, ISO27001 and CIS) ensuring a clear and comprehensive security assessment for your organisation.

By intelligently assessing environments to identify weaknesses and opportunities for improvement, we ensure that you have the required information to improve your overall Cloud Security Posture.

Together with the customer, Devoteam M Cloud also assess the maturity of the customer's processes and governance related to Microsoft Cloud.

Scope: Devoteam M Cloud will assess following:

  • Single Azure AD tenant
  • All Azure subscriptions within the tenant
  • Microsoft 365 tenant associated to the Azure AD tenant


  • Kick-off session where scope and framework is explained. Your organisational risk profile is also defined in collaboration
  • Devoteam M Cloud obtain relevant data from your environment
  • Workshop with relevant stakeholder to cover topics relevant for the Cloud Security Posture as processes
  • Presentation of finding and mitigation plan
  • Align on "Improvement plan"


  • Comprehensive report about your security maturity level in Cloud using latest industry methods
  • Mitigation plan according to your companies risk profile
  • Full documentation of all required mitigation steps so your own IT staff to start mitigating
  • Estimated hourly effort to implementation entire mitigation plan by Devoteam M Cloud professional service

Time frame:

  • The assessment usually takes 1 week, if required permissions and relevant stakeholder are available


  • Price is fixed based on the scope above
  • With special customer requirements, Devoteam M Cloud can adjust and expand the scope

Start your Cloud Security Journey now - before it is too late!