cloudEQ and New Relic Observability on Microsoft Azure.


The cloudEQ team leverages a proven methodology to understand and design a solution for managing New Relic observability platform. Once in the run state, we will work to optimize the environment

Do you require a single service that can provide a comprehensive view of your Microsoft Azure data, how about performance monitoring of your applications? Enterprise organizations are highly dependent on data and that’s why simply monitoring is not enough, and the right observability tool is necessary. cloudEQ, a leader in New Relic observability platform services will review, implement, and streamline the way you consume, aggregate, and analyze data using a cost-efficient proven methodology. By pinpointing performance issues and automating anomalies, we can help your team understand why an error occurred and improve operational efficiency at all levels of your organization.

What we offer:

cloudEQ is led by a team of IT professionals who have “sat on your side of the desk” and understand the need to deliver enterprise-wide business results. We have compiled a team of IT experts committed to delivering both business and technology results. We will work with you to evaluate your current cloud model to improve performance, increase security, deliver automation, reduce cost, and improve the employee and customer experience.

Offer deliverables:

Project launch interview and scope consulting session to define implementation strategy.

New Relic implementation and configuration utilizing the Microsoft Azure platform.

Custom dashboard creation for IT and Business Users.