Advisory for Azure archiving journaling - 2hr Imp

Cloud Essentials

Advisory for migrating to an Azure Data Platform for Archiving or Email Journaling

Advisory services to assess the business need for Azure based cloud archiving for the purposes of;

  • Legacy data retention (e.g. email Journals from third-party cloud or on-premises archives like Mimecast, Enterprise Vault, EAS etc.)
  • Storage efficiency (e.g. to curb growth where there are data limits)
  • Lifecycle management of information including retention and defensible deletion
  • Advanced e-discovery capability
  • Regulatory compliance-driven records management

Commencing with a consultative conversation about business requirements, options available, and demonstrations as required (approx 2 hours) This initial advisory service leads to recommendations for suitable Azure-based archive platforms and other services including:

  • Scoping of any required migration services (planning, design, pilot testing and performance optimization).
  • Migration services which are delivered as a fully managed migration using the Cloud Essentials SaaS Migration Platform in Azure, ensuring optimal security and performance.
  • Management services to ensure maximum value from the Azure-based archive into the future. Assistance with performing functions such as executing e-discovery and aligning with compliance governance controls.