Data Centre Migration Essentials: 1-Hr Briefing

Cloud Essentials

Identify your migration options and uncover the best ROI opportunities in migrating your apps, data and/or infrastructure into Microsoft Azure.

It can be difficult to take the first step towards cloud adoption, especially when your enterprise has a unique set of on-boarding challenges.

Let us help you define your cloud transformation strategy.

In this consultation we can help signpost some key considerations for your enterprise in achieving an optimal, secure and financially advantageous outcome.

For example:

  • Determining the ROI of moving to the cloud can be difficult – we can assist by providing accurate cost (and savings) estimations for your business.
  • You might want to start by re-locating a few, selected servers into Azure as a preliminary test – we can help you identify the best candidates and measure the outcome.
  • It may make sense to use Azure to store journals and legacy data belonging to leavers when migrating to Office 365 – we can explain the pros and cons.
  • Certain workloads may be better off on premises – we only recommend Azure where it makes sense and can advise on the best way to maintain a hybrid environment.

What you’ll get from this session:

This 1-hour consultation is aimed at CTO/CIOs in medium to large enterprises.

In the call/visit our technical consultant will: * Discuss your short- and longer-term vision for cloud adoption * Provide relevant examples of what other Cloud Essentials customers have achieved * Explain how security and data compliance can be maintained as you move * Suggest optimal migration ‘candidates’ for high-impact savings * Make recommendations for your next steps

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