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Customer Care Chatbot: 2-Day Proof of Concept

The Cloud Factory EMEA Ltd.

The Cloud Factory Customer Care Chatbot: 2-Day Proof of Concept

Win at Customer Support with 24/7 Chatbot

Redefine your customer experience by stop making your customers ceaselessly browse through lengthy FAQs, and use The Cloud Factory Customer Care Chatbot, powered by Azure Bot Services and Azure Cognitive Services, as your 24/7 smart assistant, to provide instant and precise relevant information to your customers, even in your absence. It is cost effective, consistent and always available for your customer to get the desired information.

Start your journey to a great Customer Service Experience by implementing The Cloud Factory Customer Care Chatbot as Proof of Concept, in 2 days, customized to your needs. During the PoC, we will:

  1. Compile a sample of existing possible Questions & Answers (FAQs) about your business, products and services to create a Knowledge base to be used by our Bot service
  2. Test and train the Bot to evaluate the correctness of the responses.
  3. Once satisfied with the content and relevance/accuracy of the knowledge base, we will deploy the bot to the agreed channel (Website or Facebook page)
  4. Let you experience the real customer oriented interaction with our Bot, for your product and services, for a FREE trial period of 7 days.

Implementing intelligent Chatbot is your 1st step towards adopting AI based solutions, within the organization, and will enable you to:

  • Rapidly embrace digital innovation
  • Provide real-time, faster and improved customer support to your customers
  • Make your customers feel heard instantly
  • Reach more audiences
  • Retain your customers and boost branding
  • Lower your operation costs

Next Step

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