Azure Migration: 1 Week Assessment


Cloud Migration Assessment. We will review and document the technical and business case for for moving your current infrastructure to Azure.

Infrastructure Migration:  1 - Week Assessment


Cloud Migration Assessment

Considering a migration to Azure?  Sign up for a free 1-week assessment of your current environment and migration goals.  Cloudforce will provide a high-level overview of the benefits of migration tailored to your business needs.  We will also review cloud computing trends & the Cloudforce proven process as a cloud migration partner. 

Need a document outlining the technical and business case for moving your current infrastructure to Azure?  Contact us!


  • Core applications review including business objectives
  • Review of existing server environment to determine compatibility, identify known issues and outline the target solution architecture
  • Network architecture discovery and planning
  • Backup and disaster recovery planning to align cloud solutions with business requirements
  • Cyber-security and compliance assessment, to determine any necessary pre-migration changes


  • We will provide documentation which maps your current infrastructure to Azure infrastructure elements
  • We will provide a diagram of future-state network design in Azure incorporating security needs
  • We will provide a budget planning document including projected consumption costs of major components and project schedule.


This engagment will provide a strategic migration plan to address captured requirements and all the components needed to confidently and successfully migrate to Azure.