Microsoft Azure Server Infrastructure: 2-Days Workshop


We designed this workshop for IT professionals who need to become familiar with Microsoft Azure Server Infrastructure.

What is it?

Cloudica’s Workshop is designed to teach IT, professionals, the basics of modern server standards, present the current tools on the market, and translate the current needs of the company into real and tangible solutions.

Who is this for?

Is your company growing? Would you like to understand the best practices of setting up and maintaining a Microsoft-Azure-based server infrastructure in a safe, cost-effective and elastic manner. We designed this workshop for IT professionals who need to become familiar with Microsoft Azure Server Infrastructure. We base this workshop on our years of experience implementing and consulting on real-world cases.

What are the benefits of this?

This workshop gives a strong hands-on experience for understanding Microsoft Windows Server Infrastructure and possible future integrations with the Microsoft Azure platform. It is intended for people who need to show fundamental day-to-day administration and configuration abilities necessary for administering servers.

Outcomes of this

Our workshop advises your IT team on the best practices for installing, maintaining, configuring and hardening Microsoft Windows Server infrastructure. We have designed this brief course around explaining the technology of the Microsoft Azure infrastructure and overseeing hands-on laboratories. In this workshop you will learn the best practices related to:

  • setting up and configuring Microsoft Azure virtual machines
  • deploying and managing applications on Azure
  • implementing networking on Data Center and Azure
  • managing, monitoring and hardening on prem, hybrid and Azure infrastructure, hybrid infrastructure
  • Steps and agenda

    This Server Infrastructure workshop uses hands-on training. Participants will learn how to install and configure Windows Server Infrastructure just as a network administrator or networking consultant. In this workshop you will learn how to:

    • Install and configure a Windows Server.
    • Set up a Windows Server roles and features.
    • Set up Windows Server Domain Controllers
    • Configure Workstations policy to your Domain
    • Set up Group Policy Objects (GPOs) using Group Policy Management
    • Set up users, groups and OUs
    • Upgrade Windows Server to a new version

    Cloudica, be sure of IT.