Cloud Native Development: 6-week Implementation

Cloud IQ Technologies

Drive innovation and achieve faster time-to-market with CloudIQ’s Cloud Native App Development Service. Build and deploy modern, scalable, and resilient cloud-native applications on Microsoft Azure.

CloudIQ helps businesses envision new products, create innovative business models, and deliver the next level of customer experiences by leveraging the latest cloud-native technologies (microservices, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure App Service, Azure Service Fabric, Azure Functions, Azure DevOps, multiple database solutions on Azure and Azure services for logging and monitoring).

CloudIQ’s experts collaborate with you to understand your business needs and draft the minimum viable product functionality and specifications that would have a positive impact on the business. Our team gets to work creating the cloud-native application design ensuring the application is optimized for performance, reliability, and security. Not to mention the ability to scale and gain cost efficiencies.

Using CloudIQ’s pre-built accelerators we deploy outer architectural components giving you a head start. The comprehensive accelerator includes:

  1. Azure deployment topology comprising of network infrastructure, security architecture, compute & storage provisioning via terraform scripts
  2. API gateway to expose business APIs internally & externally
  3. Routing service that route requests to relevant cluster/service pod
  4. Load balancing that scales multiple instances based on load
  5. Service registry to help discover the endpoints
  6. Azure DevOps pipelines for application delivery lifecycle
  7. Feature flags for A/B testing
  8. Dynamic configuration management via App Config
  9. Traceability & pre-built monitoring dashboards for infrastructure, networking & apps
  10. Cost management reports optimizing cloud spend
  11. Secret management via Azure key vault

The result, you have a cloud-native application that is modular/extensible utilizing reusable components and standardized via automation and infrastructure as code.

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