Unified Analytics Platform on Azure

Cloud IQ Technologies

Modernize your current data platform into a Unified Analytics Platform on Azure using our proven framework and focused training.

Companies that leverage Cloud, Data, and AI can make faster decisions, improve revenue streams, and outperform the competition. CloudIQ can help you realize all those benefits and be future-ready.


CloudIQ experts will baseline the performance of your current BI environment after a thorough evaluation of your existing data layer, ETL layer, and presentation layer.


Following the initial baselining, we will deploy our unified analytics framework customizing the configuration for the specific data sources identified. This framework builds the foundation for a modern data platform leveraging the portfolio of Azure analytics, AI & ML services (Azure Purview, Azure Databricks, Azure Datalake Storage, Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure ML, Azure cognitive services, Azure HD Insight).

Dashboard & Insights:

The modern data platform built on Azure facilitates seamless collaboration among data engineers, data scientists, and data analysts. Data Engineers optimize data pipelines for efficient data flow, data scientists glean insights from enriched datasets, and analysts utilize the unified source to create impactful dashboards (PowerBI), converting raw data into actionable visualizations for informed decision-making.

Best Practices & Governance:

CloudIQ will follow the best practices for implementing the out-of-the-box tooling (Azure Purview, Azure Policy, Azure Blueprints) around data catalog, processes around stewardship, overall governance, automated policy on data attributes, and end-to-end data lineage for compliance and impact analysis. We will also provide recommendations on using the config-driven QA framework for testing across multiple data sources.

Unlock the full potential of your enterprise data with CloudIQ’s comprehensive solution on Azure cloud ensuring future-ready decision-making, compliance-driven governance, and a modern data platform that propels your business ahead.