10+ week implementation: Intelligent Data Services

CloudMoyo Inc

End-to-end support in enterprise data transformation plan and implementation roadmap for data, cloud, and AI & ML solutions

CloudMoyo Intelligent Data Services (IDS) can enable your enterprise to define a high-level digital transformation plan and an implementation roadmap for cloud, data, and AI solutions on the Azure platform. Our focus is on a fast=track-to-value approach to accelerate vision-to-value from your investment or project. We help you migrate, build, and maintain modern data platforms.

Our capabilities:

  1. Data Engineering: Empower your business with our expertise in data engineering to build data models for analyzing data effectively. Our customers benefit from data warehouse and big data implementations to enable them to analyze and visualize data for data-driven decisions.

  2. Decision Analytics: Enhance collaboration and information sharing, optimize decision-making processes, and forecast market trends to drive business growth.

  3. AI & ML solutions: Compare, identify, anticipate, and recommend at scale with AI and machine learning capabilities to drive prediction and innovation in your organization.

Driving digital change is easier said than done. With the right approach, digital transformation offers tremendous benefits. Our phased approach is strategically designed to optimize these benefits.

Our FastTracktoValue approach follows a 10-24 week timeline, depending on the scope of the project. In the first 1-3 weeks, we conduct an assessment and lay out the BI strategy. In weeks 4-6, we provide a quick proof of technology. From week 7 onwards, we implement a targeted, high-visibility project for management and train-the-trainer.

*Disclaimer: Please contact us for a detailed pricing quote. The price listed for this consulting engagement is NOT $1. Pricing varies depending on the scope of services or project.