Appmodernization Accelerator: 5-Days Assessment


A four simple step approach to make a plan for your app modernization and roadmap of your application landscape with Microsoft Azure

Have you started your cloud journey by migrating your applications to Azure, but are you uncertain about the next step? Do you want to improve application performance, be more cost-effective, or improve other aspects of your applications? Perhaps you want to transform your application into a SaaS offering on the marketplace, but you are worried about the scalability of your application architecture? If these are questions you have and you want to modernize your application landscape, but don’t know where to start? We can help you to accelerate your Cloud Native transformation using our simple 4 step approach!

Day 1: Introduction, Presentation and Discussion

After a short introduction with the team, we will guide your team through the goals and aspects of App Modernization in the Cloud. Together with dev-team, product owner and stakeholders we will explore the key areas where improvement is necessary to determine the focus areas of the modernization effort. Think:

Time to market

Application performance


CI/CD and DevOps

Cost management


Day 2: Analysis

The second step is to create an in-depth analysis of the application architecture. Together with the dev-team and product owner we will create an overview of the current application, costs, deployment methods, security, scalability and performance. During this analysis we will identify an opportunity to showcase the merits of application modernization.

Day 3-4: Implementation

We will work on modernizing a key aspect of the application, as identified on day 2. This could be anything ranging from containerization of an application, improving scalability of a service, creating or upgrading CI/CD pipelines, increasing observability of the landscape to deployment of a new greenfield component.

Day 5: Presentation & Workshop

To conclude the App Modernization Accelerator, we will demonstrate the key improvement implemented on days 3 and 4. We will follow up with a workshop on