Cloud Security HealthCheck (5 day Assessment)


Identify and reduce your cloud misconfiguration-related risks and other potential security issues. We offer fast insights into your current security and compliance posture.

Get ahead of the most common cause of cloud data breaches with our Cloud Security HealthCheck. Misconfigurations happen constantly and might expose your data to unnecessary risks, which is why it is important to get clarity of potential issues as soon as possible. The Cloud Security HealthCheck is a technical assessment that helps organizations using Azure infrastructure get clarity of potential security risks and configure their infrastructure according to industry-leading best practices.


  • Insights from cloud security professionals
  • Visibility into security and compliance risks
  • Fast results presented in one structured report
  • A set of prioritized set of actionable recommendations
  • Short- or long-term after care by our cloud engineers possible


The deliverable is a comprehensive and structured report with our findings and a prioritized set of actionable recommendations. This allows executive and key stakeholders to find key takeaways at a glance. Our reports include the following elements:

  • A high-level executive summary of the most important findings
  • A grouping of all our findings, including prioritization
  • Comprehensive reporting regarding our findings and recommendations

Getting started

In order to get started, we only need read-only access to your top level management group and Azure AD.

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