Kubernetes Accelerator (5 day implementation)


Accelerate your Kubernetes deployment, while remain empowered and become the master of your Kubernetes stack.

The strength of Kubernetes lies in its ability to blend the simplicity of Platform as a Service with the stability of Infrastructure as a Service software. This provides developers a flexible open-source tool to build personalized Kubernetes workflows. But there is a catch to ultimate flexibility!

As the Kubernetes open-source community expands, many DevOps teams need to create more streamlined and automated processes which tackle new deployment challenges.

CloudNation developed the Kubernetes Accelerator Service.

Day 1: Kubernetes workshop

Setting the stage and discuss the configuration of the to be Azure Kubernetes services with regard to Sizing, inbound connection, container registry, networking and container storage.

Day 2: High Level Design

Setup of a visualization representation of the to be environment in Azure. Based on MS best-practices tailored to your organization.

Day 3: Build

Start of the configuration of the Azure Kubernetes Service using our automated deployment pipelines. The configuration will be tailored to your specifications and requirements.

Day 4: Iterate

Finetune the configuration matching specific needs of the organization and grant permissions for the specific roles.

Day 5: Adoption workshop

Now the cluster is ready to onboard your workloads we help you to get started.

Optional: Managed Kubernetes

To keep your Kubernetes platform up-to-date and secure we offer a managed kubernetes subscription model.