Landingzone Accelerator (5 days Implementation)


Start deploying your apps and workloads in a controlled, secure and governed Azure environment without large upfront investments for building a landingzone.

This engagement provides you with a best-practices deployed Azure environment in days instead of weeks or months.

To setup your Landing Zone Foundation we have developed a 5 days onboarding program. In this week you will go from zero to a cloud foundation, ready to migrate your workloads and/or build your cloud native solutions.

Once the Foundation is in place, you can choose to onboard the workloads yourself, or have CloudNation support you with the deployment of resources and migrate your workloads based on Virtual Machines, Azure Kubernetes Service, SQL Azure Databases, or one of the other services of the platform based on the LZaaS subscription model.

Day 1: Cloud Readiness Assessment

Setting the stage and discuss the configuration of the to be Azure environment with regard to subscription organization, security, IAM, policies, cost management, networking and logging

Day 2: High Level Design

Setup of a visualization representation of the to be environment in Azure. Based on MS best-practices tailored to your organization

Day 3: Build;

Start of the configuration of Management Groups & Subscription structure; Accounting/RBAC, Logging (Audit logs) and Security Center; Basic set of Policies; Resource Groups & Tagging; Shared Networking infrastructure (cloud);

Day 4: Iterate

Finetune the configuration matching specific needs of the organization and grant permissions for the specific roles.

Day 5: Adoption workshop

Now the landingzone is ready to onboard your workloads we help you to get started.

Interested in the Landingzone Accelerator? Contact us about our offer!